Welcome to Francesco

Welcome to Francesco

GB Card & Partners are delighted to welcome another new employee, Francesco, to the company.

Francesco moved to the UK from Italy about 5 years ago after having worked mainly as a geotechnical engineer and expert witness in Italy, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. His previous role saw Francesco working as an Operations & System Manager initially, then Head of Projects for a ground and structure investigations consultancy company.

After leaving his previous company in 2022 Francesco made one of his dreams come true by exploring Latin American for 3 months by himself where he became fluent in Spanish. Although Francesco is still studying and trying to improve daily.

During Francesco’s free time, besides his love for cooking, (which is a typical Italian characteristic!) Francesco also plays guitar and sings, performing live in bars and restaurants or recording music for professional purposes.

To discuss a project with Francesco please email him at fintagliata@gbcardandpartners.com.