Summer in the Sand

Summer in the Sand

Over the summer GB Card & Partners have become part of the project team delivering sustainable green energy to meet UK Government commitment to achieving fully decarbonised electricity by 2035. The team at GB Card have investigated, analysed and designed the foundations for a wind farm in the south-west in a former sand quarry.

The individual 100m tall towers supporting the turbines are located in areas of the former sand quarry comprising disturbed or infilled ground overlying natural deposits. Using numerical modelling techniques to examine forces and bending moments generated in the towers , GB Card were able to demonstrate that mass gravity foundations are viable thus avoiding the use of conventional piled foundation techniques in such variable ground.

The mass gravity foundations comprise 19.50-meter diameter circular reinforced concrete plinth, 1.10m to 2.70m thick, which is entirely embedded below ground level.

Anna Smaje, GB Card’s geotechnical engineer for the project, describes her involvement “It’s been a great project to be a part of, and what’s more my verification inspections during construction coincided with some rare summer sunshine creating some fabulous pictures of the tower foundations under construction”.

To learn more of GB Card’s involvement in supporting green energy infrastructure projects please contact Dr Geoff Card on 01392 790020.