Lockdown Run Challenge

Lockdown Run Challenge

As England descended into its third lockdown at the beginning of January the staff at GB Card went back to working from home and having to make the most of virtual team spirit.

As a fun bit of healthy competition amongst employees everyone was encouraged to run as much as they could during the lockdown and track it on Strava, then once restrictions began to ease whoever had run the furthest could then pick a charity for GB Card & Partners to donate to.

Staff put in a valiant effort at going out for runs, particularly as January to March is so dark, cold & wet. Not exactly the most tempting conditions for an enjoyable run.

Overall staff ran nearly 700 kilometres which is very impressive and contributing 281km to the grand total, and winner of the challenge, was Principal Engineer Nick Bonner.

Congratulations Nick!

Nick’s chosen charity is one very close to his heart, Live Luke’s Dreams. To find out more about what the charity does please click here.